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Un peu de clairvoyance sur la campagne présidentielle

Encore une fois, il faut regarder à l'étranger pour une analyse claire et sans complaisance de la campagne actuelle. Selon The Economist, les candidats ignorent les problèmes fondamentaux du pays, soit une dette publique alarmante et une compétitivité inquiétante:

L'éditorial de The Economist :

Un extrait : "France has not balanced its books since 1974. Public debt stands at 90% of GDP and rising. Public spending, at 56% of GDP, gobbles up a bigger chunk of output than in any other euro-zone country—more even than in Sweden. The banks are undercapitalised. Unemployment is higher than at any time since the late 1990s and has not fallen below 7% in nearly 30 years, creating chronic joblessness in the crime-ridden banlieues that ring France’s big cities. Exports are stagnating while they roar ahead in Germany. France now has the euro zone’s largest current-account deficit in nominal terms. Perhaps France could live on credit before the financial crisis, when borrowing was easy. Not any more. Indeed, a sluggish and unreformed France might even find itself at the centre of the next euro crisis."