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Fiscal cliff : un deal décevant qui ne règle rien à long-terme

"Since the summer of 2011 Republicans have insisted on deep cuts to spending as the price of raising the ceiling, even if it means risking the financial calamity of default, and some will be doubly determined to pursue that strategy now. They rightly complain that the deal does nothing to alter the long-term upward trajectory of the debt. The higher taxes on the rich will reportedly raise about $600 billion over a decade, an “inconsequential” sum, noted Bob Corker, a Republican senator. Indeed, it is almost a rounding error against a ten-year projected deficit of $10 trillion on current policies, or 5% of GDP. “The fact that the president won’t challenge his party on spending cuts is disgusting”" 

"The bill contains over $600 billion in tax increases but only around $12 billion in spending cuts."